About Us


About Us:


BizFinance is an initiative of M/s.Sunrise Financial Services. The idea was envisaged in the year 2013. BizFinance is the brainchild of two seasoned professionals who came together with background in Banking Industry. The genesis of BizFinance is to simply Banking to everyone. It is our endeavour to present Banking Concepts and related aspects at one place and in a simplistic manner. Also, while we explain the concepts and related aspects, we also guide, support, consult and counsel our viewers as per their requirements. 



Bizfinance has been incorporated with a vision to provide know how with regard to the Financial / Banking sector to the common man and in simplest possible manner. It is also our vision to provide financial and management consultancy with highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

We at BizFinance aim at improving the knowledge of entrepreneurs, professionals, students, individuals about Banking in India. We are committed to provide assistant and support in every manner to everyone who requires professional advice when it comes to Banking.



BizFinance is the brainchild of two professionals from Banking Industry sharing a common philosophy of ensuring that the right education is provided to the community so that the same can be used to grow their business or improve their existing Banking practices. With this in mind, we pin down few of our main objectives below:

  • To provide knowledge about banking and various banking products
  • To provide knowledge about various schemes available for borrowers like CGTMSE, TUFFS etc
  • To provide information related to Project Finance and How to improve working capital management
  • To highlight the importance of roles played by institutions like NSIC, SIDBI, CIBIL etc
  • To provide basic information to individuals who want to make a career in Banking
  • To support our members / users / viewers through financial and credit counseling
  • To provide financial and management consultancy to first time borrowers and existing borrowers
  • Last but not the least, to provide solutions related to “Banking”